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The first Indonesian designed luxury watches IANUARIUS RICHIE launches on Indiegogo

Ianuarius Richie, found by doctor and entrepreneur J. Ricky is a range of Indonesian designed luxury watches which are first of its kind and reflect a combination of modernity and elegance. He has launched the watches along with a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $20,000 USD. The campaign also provides a chance for people to order the limited edition watch at an early bird price of $239. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized to put the watch into mass production and also deliver to the backers by May 2016.

Ricky designed the first sketch of Ianuarius Richie back in 2014 when he was in Bali with his wife with a motive to find a perfect watch for their wedding. This moment the idea was born and within two years Ricky created his own brand of watch with continuous effort and deep research into the field. The name of the brand is inspired by the Roman word Ianuarius or Januarius or Janus who is the god of beginnings and transitions. He has two faces, one can see the past and the other can see the future to symbolize the progress from past to future.

Ianuarius Richie is designed keeping contemporary designs and classic perfection in mind which sets it apart from its counterparts. The watches represent high quality, elegance with an essence of modernity making it focused to the likes of every watch enthusiast.  The watch is manufactured using a high end technical process to ensure the timeless beauty of the watch along with superior quality.

The dial of the watch is made of ceramic which represents elegance and class along with the hand applied polished markers that add to the charm of the unique design. The case of the watch is an elegant satin brushed finishesstainless steel mix with beautiful polished touch, both capturing reflections beautifully. The strap of the watch is made of black and brown genuine leather with crocodile pattern. The buckle features the IANUARIUS RICHIE logo carved on it to differentiate the watch from the rest. The watches are also water resistant and come with a warranty of one year.

The aim of IANUARIUS RICHIE is to create high quality watches with timeless designs that can be worn by people of varying ages, both men and women. The classic design of the watches makes it suitable to be worn with all kinds of attire on both casual and professional occasions.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign will ensure that the watches go into the  first batch of production in which the makers plan to manufacture 250 limited edition watches, all individually numbered.

Instagram: @ianuariusrichie

For more information, visit: Indiegogo campaign

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