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The Only Definitive Story of Chris Wood’s Struggles Amid the Explosive Success of Traffic

Researched over ten years, this engrossing book details the meteoric rise to fame of the English rock group Traffic focusing on the struggles and tragedy of Chris Wood, the mystic troubadour that lent his soul to the group’s success.

Stoke-on-Trent – February 16, 2016 –  Bennion Kearrny, an independent UK-based publishing company of non-fiction books and ebooks, is pleased to announce the release of Tragic Magic: The Life of Traffic’s Chris Wood.  Thoroughly researched and well written by Dan Ropek, this powerful biography recounts the electrifying yet troubled life of Chris Wood, one of the founding members of the most enigmatic British rock bands of their day, Traffic. 

A self taught musician and artist, Chris Wood began playing in the local Birmingham area with other musicians at the young age of 15.  In April of 1967, Wood joined with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason to form the psychedelic British rock band Traffic. Working out of a haunted rural English cottage, the creativity of the band’s four members came rushing together to create some of the most recognizable and memorable music of the late 1960s, quickly lifting Traffic to the upper echelons of rock and roll stardom.

Dan Ropek was a fan of Traffic and curious about the four unique personalities that came together fueling the group’s skyrocketing success.  Wanting to know more about the mystical heart of Traffic’s music and the often overlooked ethereal talent of Chris Wood, Ropek connected with Wood’s sister and other close associates, gathering stories and information to create this insightful book.  Ropek uses interviews with Wood’s family, friends and acquaintances to paint the portrait of an extremely talented and somewhat mystical musician who experienced the highest highs of rock superstardom and the lowest lows of inter-group conflicts, personal trials and failed relationships. 

Chris Wood rode an emotional rollercoaster for most of his adult life.  The enormous success of the group and the satisfaction of his brilliant creativity were all too often offset by the clashing egos within the group, stressful break ups, a complex personal life, and tendency toward self destruction.  A man who found artistic expression in everything, Wood put his heart and soul into his music, paying the ultimate sacrifice for his success and the life of a superstar.

From a young creative artist out of Birmingham to an accomplished and respected musician at the pinnacle of rock and roll success, Tragic Magic: The Life of Traffic’s Chris Wood takes the reader on the rollercoaster of Chris Wood’s whirlwind life while exploring the four exceptional and different musicians that came together to create one of the most important and electric English rock bands.

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