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Venice Groups Christoph Schmidt to finalize Philippine acquisitions

Seoul, Korea – 30 August, 2016 – Venice Group announced today that their director of acquisitions Christoph Schmidt is finalising the group’s latest round of real estate investments which are to be purchased exclusively for their upcoming launch of Property Platform.

Christoph Schmidt explains, “The Philippines residential real estate market has been performing very strongly in recent years, mainly due to sustained economic growth. Our Executive Chairman, Ahmed Al Ali has an expansive personal real estate portfolio that includes units in prime Phillipine city locations such as Makati and Fort Bonifacio. Therefore, it was a natural decision-making process to introduce the Philippines as an investment jurisdiction for Property Platform users to benefit from.”

As announced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), positive growth looks set to continue throughout 2016 with popular condominium units seeing a y-on-y price increase of 12.9% (11.6% inflation-adjusted) in Q1 of 2016.
“It’s not just capital growth that makes the Philippines an attractive place to invest, the rental market can definitely be considered pro-landlord too. Rental agreements longer than 12 months are typically paid one year in advance and their growing tourism industry has also given rise to lucrative short-term rental opportunities.” continued Christoph Schmidt.

The executive chairman of Venice Group, Ahmed Al Ali was recently quoted as saying, “We expect our real estate acquisitions in the Philippines to be incredibly popular with Property Platform users and our financial analysts foresee Positive Growth Indicators to remain above 90% over the interim period.”

Venice Group was initially founded by a collective circle of highly successful real estate professionals. Venice crowd-funding is targeted towards providing a comprehensive Property Platform connecting property buyers and sellers who are looking to increase and enhance profitability of diversified real estate portfolios.

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