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Billy Jay Aims to Take His Dapper and Boss & Heyday Apparel to 100 Stores Australia-Wide

Barber turned entrepreneur Billy Jay Mansour, owner of Dapper and Boss & Heyday Apparel, aims to reach 100 stores across Australia.

Billy, a former barber turned successful entrepreneur, runs a company that now has 25 stores across three states in Australia. The celebrity barber aims to take the number of stores to 100 across Australia.

“I am a barber and successful businessman from Sydney, Australia,” says Billy about his journey from being a barber to a businessman. “We now run a company with 25 stores and counting across three states in Australia. We are now franchising and are continuing to scale the business, and our aim is 100 stores Australia-wide.”

Billy has a business degree from Western Sydney University. He loves to call himself a former banker turned barber visionary. By choosing the business franchising route, he has launched 25 stores across the country. The entrepreneur has plans to reach 100 stores all over Australia.

Billy Jay Mansour also recently launched an Australian Activewear brand, Heyday Apparel. The aim is to give back to charities with each sale of the brand.

Dapper and Boss is the go-to destination in Australia for a fantastic grooming experience for men. Men who love their hair and want the best care of their mane can visit the store to get the styling they want.

At Dapper and Boss, they will be served by professional and friendly Master Barbers. They help customers choose the right look to feel relaxed and happy with the results.

Customers can also navigate through the store’s premium range of high-quality grooming tools and products and achieve a simple yet effective maintenance routine.

At Dapper and Boss, customers can enjoy the usual barbershop-style walk-ins. However, it is better to visit after making an appointment if they want a more one-on-one personal consultation or service or want to be served at a specific time.

Dapper and Boss also offer professional men’s grooming, from kids to seniors. Customers can consult and seek advice from Master Barbers to check what they can do for their hair. Customers at Dapper and Boss can trust the Master Barbers, sit down and relax, assured that they will take care of their hair in the best possible manner.

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About Dapper and Boss & Heyday Apparel:

Dapper and Boss & Heyday Apparel is the brainchild of barber turned entrepreneur Billy Jay Mansour. He started his career as a barber but soon became an entrepreneur. The Sydney-based businessman started his barber store, which has grown to 25 in number and counting. Dapper and Boss has a presence in three states in Australia. Billy is using the business franchising model to realize his aim of reaching 100 stores Australia-wide.

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